Devi and I have been exploring the same basic theme for three blogs, allowing us to look more deeply at such an important topic. Two weeks ago I wrote about the importance of faith, followed by Devi’s blog about relaxing upward. Today, I want to write about a topic that concerns everyone: how to deal with our responsibilities.

The teachings of the scriptures and the Masters are quite clear on the topic: We have a responsibility to act to the best of our ability, with righteousness and with kindness toward all. Of course, we have to do our best to foresee the likely results of our actions, but then we must leave the results to God. We can’t control the thoughts and reactions of others.

Imagine a lighthouse: The keeper has to make sure that the light is operating well and is sending out its beam. But he isn’t responsible for the actions of every ship’s captain. Likewise, we need to project our light, and leave the rest to God.

Last week we received a lovely letter from a friend that illustrates the point. She is a doctor and the medical officer for a large business in southern India. I’ve excerpted from her letter:

There are many young girls working here and they have a lady welfare officer. This LWO is very friendly to me and a very nice person. One day I saw her at her workplace and was shocked to see how she was interacting with her subordinate girls. She seemed totally different. She was shouting at them with no basic respect at all and also showing irritation and anger towards them in words and actions.

When she later came to my cabin, I told her that I was surprised that she behaves like that with those girls. She said that’s how we can get the work done from these people otherwise they cheat us. I just thought it’s difficult to change people with such a strong mind-set. I was judgmental at that time.

I had the book Touch of Love on my table, intending to read it during my free time. My friend saw the book and quickly ran through the pages. She said that she reads a lot and so I offered her the book.

In a week’s time she came back and she said it’s such a lovely book and asked me about the path and about the authors of the book!

She said it has touched her so much that she should start being good and kind, especially to her girls and not shout at them with harsh words. I was so surprised and happy as I could see that gentleness in her eyes too.

Dear Jyotish ji and Devi ji, I am so happy that you are changing lives, knowingly and unknowingly in many corners of the world, through the light of Master and Swamiji. I have been having that book for a year and she took it, read and got the essence of it in no time. I have been wanting to tell you this. It’s really so joyful at heart to actually see someone changing to become better.

Thanks to You and Master and Swamiji for spreading this love and light.

God knows how to do His work in the hearts and souls of all His children. We should play our roles as well as possible, and act with pure intentions. Be like a lighthouse shining your light into the darkness. But then leave the results and the responsibility to God.

In the light,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish Ji,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog. Enjoyed reading the blog and the letter. How wonderful. The analogy of Light house is very practical and easy to remember and follow. Thank you for that!

    Reading the letter here from a friend and it touching many souls all around the world. I remember Swamiji’s wish after reading AY – This is so wonderful and it should be known by everyone.

    Thank you for weekly inspirations through these blogs. And for your guidance and teachings through talks, books and other channels. 🙏


  2. I read the letter, I also work in the medical fielf, and I try to help my staff in all I can,
    i eexpect nothing in return,well they do what they want ,
    and this make me feel bad, they respect nothing and I resigned.
    The patients come because I am here , and all the work that I’ve done will end
    like this.Just becouse I thought that by respecting the staff they would
    understand what I was doing.
    Thanks to all Maria

  3. Such a beautiful letter, thank you Jyotish and the doctor in India. Ananda and all of us sending out light and love into the universe will change the world. The true joy is that we may never know how our love and light will be used by God. It may save one soul from a shipwreck or it may save millions. Hari OM Tat Sat.

  4. Hello, I really enjoy reading the blog, the insight nourishes my soul. In the blog of the light house analogy, I am the light in every day experience as my encounter with others attract and change them with my shared presence.

  5. Thank you Jyotish, exactly the message I needed today.
    In Master,

  6. mm

    Dear Jyotish and Devi,

    Thank you for keeping the windows of your lighthouse so clear, allowing Master and Swamiji’s light to shine far and wide. Your lives are not only gift to us here at Ananda – but to everyone you touch with this pure love and light.


  7. Mother….Thank u for the wonderful article on “FAITH”….an describing through article Love of God…the message of love,kindness…. Truly touching…How GOD operates at all layers….

  8. Dear Jyotish and Devi,
    I am very happy that your book Touch of Love was put to good use to change a person’s attitude to fellow subordinates. God is helping us to be better humans and your book has indeed touched the lives of people. Thank you for your caring and loving and serving God.

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring blog and letter Ji. and the audio inspiration behind it. So wonderful to read how your book Touch of Love has touched that person and is lovingly transforming her. as we are all are by the Light you share from Master and Swamiji. You both are a Lighthouse of Love, Peace, Joy and Inspiration for us all.

    PS: writing this comment while being in Cloud 9 after the beautiful satsang we had with you this morning. Thank you to Ananda Kolkata. What love and inspiration pours from you both uplifting us encouraging us on the path to God Guru and Swamiji. Thank you dearest Both.

  10. Dear Jyothishji and Deviji,what a wonderful advice- be like the light house and shine,but leave the results and responsibilities to God.Wow,it seemed like Gita in a nutshell. I t also released longstanding guilt feelings in me. Thank you 🙏

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