Make God's presence dynamic in your daily life. A New Year's Resolution.

Where God’s light is, no shadow can dwell.

The New Year will soon make its entrance onto the stage of our life, bringing with it the inescapable gains and losses, happiness and suffering. But no matter what adversities may lie ahead, they needn’t cause us suffering if we choose to live each day in greater awareness of God’s presence. Where God’s light is, no shadow can dwell.

In his beautiful poem, “The Garden of the New Year,” Yoganandaji writes:

The echoes of last year, its sorrow and laughter,
Have died away.
The song-voice of the New Year—encouraging, hope-imparting—
Is Chanting: 
“Refashion life ideally!”

To do this, take some time to introspect and analyze what misery-producing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bad habits you have allowed to remain in your inner kingdom. Don’t be ashamed of what you see, but look at your bad habits honestly, and see them for what they are: laziness, perhaps, or judgmental attitudes, jealousy, or thoughts of being treated unfairly. Each of us has our own set of “unwanted relatives” that have taken up residency and are hard to dislodge.

Then share your dilemma with the “Supreme Landlord”—God. Admit to Him honestly that you’ve allowed part of your kingdom to become a slum, and ask His help in cleaning it up. Let God know that you don’t want Him to be an “absentee landlord,” but need His supportive presence every day.

Try these three steps to be more dynamically aware of God in your life:

1) Meditate daily until you realize His Presence just behind your thoughts and feelings. God can only be perceived in the calm, inner stillness of the soul.

2) Share with Him your thoughts, impressions, and successes and failures throughout the day. See God as your ally helping you to win the battle of life.

3) Give God complete command over your life. Surrender to Him without any self-justification or defensiveness. He knows our every thought, and is only waiting for us to offer ourselves fully to Him for His transforming touch to change us.

Yoganandaji concludes the poem above with this inspiring verse:

With joy-enlivened, unendingly united mind
, Let us all dance forward, hand in hand,
 To reach the Halcyon Home
 Whence we shall wander no more.

With blessings for a happy New Year,
Nayaswami Devi


  1. Pranam Ji _/\_
    Dear Acharya Ji
    Beautiful Insight to be follwed for the Progress in the Path.
    Thank you for the New year Blessings and
    Pray the Almighty to shower his Blessings to you Acharyas.
    Thanks with Gratitude
    R Sundararajan

  2. Thank you for such an inspiring message this morning! Blessings of a joyful and peaceful New Year in God and Guru to all! Jai Babaji!

  3. Thank you Devi for this important reminder. Looking forward to the coming New Year. In friendship, Jerry.

  4. So Beautiful, Devi, to lift us into this new calendar year with All the Masters’ Presence. Such Love – Stephanie

  5. wonderful, inspiring words to help us move ahead..May you both touch many more hearts with your love in the new year.
    Love ,Sumitra (delhi)

  6. Dear Devi ji,
    Thank you for inspiring words and guidance to give all our thoughts and shortcomings to God.Its very helpful.
    With Gratitude and love,

  7. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji, Thank you for the article :). I wish to overcome the dark habits that I have with in me in the New year with God’s & Guru’s guidance , help.
    Those three point are very beautiful and meaningful . We sure would love to follow that.
    Thank you for your blessings. Happy New year to you and Jyotish ji.
    May God & Guru Bless you :)
    Aum ,

  8. Blessed Devi,
    Thank you! and AMEN!
    May this DAY, this MOMENT be the time to dislodge those “relatives who’ve overstayed their welcome”.
    With our combined efforts and Guru’s Grace we can all do it . . . Change our thoughts, change our lives!
    “Clean House” and remember to always share with God our failures and successes and ask for God’s Grace and Presence to guide our lives!
    Wow, just what I needed to “hear” and remember! Again, Thank You!
    ~~~Peace, Josette

  9. Thank you dear Devi for this beautiful letter. It was so very appropriate for me at this moment. Thank you for helping so many of Master’s children. You are truly a Divine Mother as Swami divinely gave you your name. Love, Mariana

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