John Ball was a highly regarded author and a friend of Swami Kriyananda and many of us at Ananda. His most famous book, In the Heat of the Night, garnered a number of literary awards, and later was made into a movie that won four Oscars, including Best Picture in 1967. He so enjoyed Ananda Village that the setting for one of his books, Trouble for Tallon, was an Ananda-like community.

The principles that unify human nature. A Touch of Light blog by Nayaswami Jyotish

Although primarily a mystery writer, on occasion he expressed his deeply spiritual side. One of his many books, The Fourteenth Point, departed from his usual crime genre to delve into a religious theme. It has a fascinating premise: A conference of leaders from the major religions is held, the purpose of which is to find a unifying statement that they can all agree upon and publish. After several days, they have to concede defeat because every statement of commonality seems to conflict with at least one religion’s beliefs. Finally, shoulders slumped in defeat, they begin to exit the conference hall, when one of them collapses by the door. Immediately, everyone rushes to help and, a short time later, he recovers. They soon realize that they have stumbled upon a universally acceptable principle: the sanctity of life and the instinctive impulse to help someone in need.

As we drill down past those things which separate us, we find, waiting patiently, our innate spirituality. Past diversity, we begin to see unity. How could we not, if we are all created from the same one God? The other evening, during one of our monthly webinars, a viewer asked a question that we often hear: “I like these teachings, but I just can’t see how it is possible to love everyone.”

If we are candid with ourselves, we will acknowledge that certain people or situations bother us. When someone does something hurtful, the typical reaction is to do something negative in return. But if we realize that disharmony is a kind of mental virus, we see that it is ourselves primarily—our own minds and hearts—that we infect whenever we are negative. And if kindness is a cure, then we heal our own consciousness when we give back love. When you are hurt by others, try to reverse the energy, for only light can dispel darkness; only love can heal hate.

If we search within for universal principles, especially when the mind and heart are calmed through meditation, we will soon find the right attitude. Plunge deeply into your inner self and you will find an ocean of universal love, deep peace, and unending joy. Swami Kriyananda said, “It is the nature of joy to want to share itself.” After you connect to your own innate divinity then radiate it out: first to friends and loved ones, then in expanding circles to those who are in need, and finally, to everyone on earth.

When you have expanded your aura in this way, you will find it easy to send love even to those who have hurt you. As you do this, you can begin to shed the burdens of anger, hurt, and resentment that you may have been carrying for many years. Loving others, even though they are imperfect, will also help you to feel Divine Mother’s ever-present love for all, regardless of whether they have been naughty or good.

Finally, when you are centered in your expanded Self, you will realize that someone who is acting badly is merely ill and has collapsed by the door, and you will instinctively rush over to help.

In freedom,

Nayaswami Jyotish

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  1. Thank You Baba, for your encouraging us to reach out in perfect love to all, to feel Divine Mother’s ever-present love .

    With Her Love and Compassion,

    1. Dear Jyotish and Devi.
      Thank you so much for your letters.The message and teachings are inspiring and thoughtful.Being new to Ananada Sangha I can’t wait to learn more.
      Sincerely Tom PS A video just uploaded on you tube , can’t wait bye for now.

  2. very simple way to live in peace thank you

  3. Outstanding words of wisdom. Just what I needed at the time I needed it.

  4. Beautiful words of wisdom. Just what I needed at the time I needed it.

  5. Dear Jyotish. Thank you for this. I think it was Nayaswami Jaya who said, with a wry smile, that he had once believed the spiritual path was about the many techniques and high philosophical thoughts, but that he now, at a more advanced age, found that his practice had resolved into just watching his consciousness at every moment and asking for guidance to do the most expansive thing all the time.

  6. Thank you so much, Jyotish, for this very beautiful article. We are happier and our consciousness expands when we love everyone and everything.

  7. Many Thanks,
    This article comes to me at a most needed time, as I have been struggling with these very issues.
    I am uplifted by reading this.
    Thank You

  8. Lord Buddha was once asked – why a man should love all persons equally. “Because, the great teacher replied, “in the very numerous and varied lifespans of each man, every other being has at one time or another – been dear to him.”

    I found this quote in Autobiography a few months ago, and it’s been echoing through my days ever since. Now with this beautiful Touch of Light by Jyotish, it reinforces the teachings of every great master. The more we can eradicate the “virus” of blaming others and holding on to our perceived hurts, the faster we can race to the mountaintop of Self Realization.

    Thank you Divine Friend!

  9. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish JI,

    Thank you for this lovely blog :).


  10. John Ball and his wife were dear friends of Swami Kriyananda and Ananda. His was a delightful personality and he was an engaging conversationalist. They hosted us on various occasions and their home was the venue of joyful sharing and the location of a seminar. Amongst his books, also this one: Ananda, Where Yoga Lives.

  11. Dear Jyotish, as I was reading this latest blog to Julie and taking-in the import of Underlying Principles (of joy and freedom and love), I glanced at an article from the Christian Science Monitor that Julie had on the table. I scanned the article which I thought was ostensibly about cooking, and saw that it lead to the Unifying Principles that made July 4th, 1776/Independence Day/possible. The author was reminding his readers, that lest we forget, the American Experiment, still going on, was born of import from other nations and cultures: the suggestion for the manifestation of “LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS” FOR ALL, being a Divine Gift. It is with great joy and gratitude that I give my life to God and Guru. As always, thank you for the reminder. Namaste

  12. Thank you, Jyotish! So simple and yet so true and powerful. And can’t we all relate to this as it is often in emergencies where people’s real nature comes to the fore …… Thanks again for a great reminder! Blessings …..

  13. That last line brought tears to my eyes. beautiful! A wonderful article.

  14. Look for what unites and you will find God. Look for what divides, and all you will find is the miserable, broken experience of Humankind.

    Regarding loving all, Jesus said to love your enemies. When you genuinely do, you will find they were never your enemies to begin with.

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