A friend in Seattle once sent us a copy of Yogananda’s original spiritual pledge that he had his students sign. Yogananda has such a genius for making the daunting task of Self-realization into simple, practical steps that seem doable. Here are some of the points he encouraged his disciples to follow:

  • I will concentrate on the teachings and will be loyal to the faithful daily practice of the techniques.
  • I will have a little temple of my own in my own room wherever I am (a closet or even a corner screened off).
  • I will consider myself the minister of my temple, to correct myself and teach the audience (consisting of my diverse un-trained thoughts and feelings) so that I may be an ideal example and thereby be of real service to my fellow beings.
  • I will endeavor to live by the following Moral and Spiritual Rules:
    • I will not judge others—only myself.
    • I shall strictly refuse to hear or read unkind discussions of others.
    • I will try to be efficient in everything—neither passively depending on God nor egotistically claiming the credit for myself when I have accomplished anything.
    • I will act and make myself successful through my own efforts and the power of God in me.

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