Affirmation for Immortality

You are not your body. You are not your thoughts, your desires, your changing personality. Your body has a certain age, but you, yourself, have no age! Your body may tire or become unwell, but you yourself, the fatigueless soul, cannot tire, can never know disease!

Tell yourself always, “I am a child of eternity!” Don’t be identified with your outward form, nor with change, but live in timelessness. It is our identity with change that creates the illusion of passing time. Feel that, through all outward changes, you, the immortal soul, remain the same. Death itself will be but one more change; be not identified with it. Then, when death comes, you shall rise in eternal freedom!


I am a child of eternity! I am ageless. I am deathless. I am the changeless Spirit at the heart of all mutation!


Wherever my body travels outwardly, let me feel Thy changeless presence within. Wherever my thoughts take me, let them return always, like prodigal children, to find repose in Thee.