prayerI have asked for God’s help many times in my service to Him (or, as I put it, to Her). Many people have called the responses to those prayers miraculous.

In every case, what made these “graces” possible was the attraction of energy, by will power, from the surrounding universe. Faith must be dynamic, not passive. By offering it to God, we focus it better. But in any case, it is the divine energy we use, whether we ask for it specifically or direct the energy ourselves. Half-hearted prayer brings at best a half-hearted response. Effective prayer demands that we offer it up with strong will power, with complete confidence in the rightness of the outcome, and with an awareness of the energy required for results.

To put this principle to most effective use, try sending energy out through the Spiritual Eye (point between the eyebrows), the seat of will. You will actually feel that energy as a force flowing out through your forehead.

Another technique is to draw energy to your palms by rubbing them together briskly, thirty to sixty times. Then raise the hands high above the head, palms forward, and send the energy that you feel tingling in the hands to those for whom you are praying. Feeling the energy entering through the medulla and out through the palms, chant AUM three to twelve times, holding each tone as long as you can do so comfortably.

Remember, your mind is part of the Infinite Mind. The more you unite your awareness to the divine consciousness, the more effective your power will be. You alone can’t do it all.

The power of the will backed by Cosmic Will may be compared to a violin string backed by the violin’s sounding board. If the string is stretched between two points in space and the bow is then drawn across it, the sound produced will be very thin. But when the string is positioned on a violin, that same bow stroke can fill a concert hall with sound.

Often, far more good is accomplished for others, and even for ourselves, when we ask for nothing, but only offer ourselves up to superconsciousness to do with us what it wills.

The important thing, here, is to realize that:

1) the human mind is part of an infinitely greater consciousness;

2) the more one offers one’s life up in service to God, the greater one’s power to accomplish whatever one sets oneself to do;

3) this self-offering must be dynamic, not static, and must summon up all one’s will power and enthusiasm; and

4) an unspecific prayer will often have greater results than praying for something definite. God knows our true needs better than we do.

Whatever it is that you desire, formulate in your mind a very clear image of it. Concentrate this image at the will center between the eyebrows, and, calling on the energy of the universe to reinforce your own energy, send a strong thought out through the Christ center (spiritual eye, point between the eyebrows). Invest that thought with all the energy at your command. Feel the magnetic power of that outgoing energy, rather than concentrating too much on the particular object that you hope to influence by your desire. Concentrate on your own ideal, rather than on the state of things as they actually are. Above all, make divine peace the channel for your magnetic power, that that power work for harmony, or not at all. Make God your Partner in every such undertaking, and offer the fruits of your self-effort up to Him, seeking to please Him, and acting above all out of love for Him.

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