It was not until rocket engines were built with a strong enough thrust to escape the earth’s gravity that man actually landed on the moon. Similarly, even after the means of reaching Him, through devotion, yoga practice, and meditation, become known to individuals, it is necessary for them to generate enough upward thrust to break free of the gravitational pull of worldly desires and attachments.

[The point between the eyebrows is] known as the Christ center, [and] may be called the inner “moon” in man, the center of his divine awareness. But many a practicing yogi, although gazing long and earnestly at this point in the hope of centering his awareness there, finds his efforts to be to no avail; his consciousness remains anchored firmly to earth. He must deliberately generate more upward “thrust” in his endeavor to transcend matter consciousness.

Anything that you can do to increase the upward flow of energy in your body when you meditate will facilitate your efforts to focus your attention at the Christ center. For your attention IS your energy. That is to say, your measure of concentration depends entirely on how much energy you can direct in the process. Divine awakening depends upon channeling all of your energy upward, and focusing it at the point between the eyebrows. That is what Jesus meant when he said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy strength.”

Guidance on Focusing Your Attention at the Spiritual Eye

As for techniques that help one to raise the inner energy, it may, in a sense, be said that all the techniques of yoga have this for their aim. But here [is a] simple exercise that will help you.

Sit upright in any comfortable meditation pose. Inhale slowly and deeply, and feel that your breath is acting as a magnet to draw the energy up from the lower part of the body to the point between the eyebrows. Concentrate breath and energy at that point to a mental count of 12. Exhale. Then repeat the process, concentrating at the Christ center a little longer (25 counts, if you can do so comfortably); focus your entire being at that point. Exhale.

Again inhale, concentrating still longer (40 counts, if this is not too long for comfort).

Forget the breath and the body, and think only of focusing your energy and awareness ever more deeply at the Christ center, the seat of divine awareness within you.

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