I once met a man in India who had been following the path of devotion for twenty years. I could see that, because of his devotion and sincerity, he was ready for an experience of God. But his devotional path had not given him that experience. He needed Kriya Yoga. He wouldn’t accept it from me, however. He insisted on being loyal, as he thought, to his own path to God.

It isn’t a question, I explained, of changing your path to God. Kriya Yoga will guide you toward fulfillment in your path of devotion. But you are like a man who has lived for twenty years in a room, trying to get out through the walls, the ceiling, the floor. What I am offering to do, simply, is show you where the door is.

Well, finally he relented and took Kriya initiation. Within a week he had the experience of God that he’d been seeking those twenty years.

Kriya Yoga takes you onto the universal highway, where all by-paths of spiritual practice meet.


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