Mary Kretzmann, Director of Ananda’s Healing Prayer Ministry, offers regular healing prayer classes at The Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village.

The classes offer Yogananda’s techniques of using will power and Cosmic Energy for physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

You will learn:

  • Yogic healing methods
  • Techniques for increasing vitality
  • Affirmations for self-transformation
  • How to use sound for harmonizing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves

Mary Kretzmann has many years of experience as an Ananda minister and spiritual healer. The methods she employs have been proven highly effective by an independent study.

On-Demand Course: Healing with Divine Energy

Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Taught by Mary Kretzmann

Classes are suitable for those wanting to increase their healing energy and potential, whether to help family and friends, or to increase their magnetism and effectiveness in any hands-on body work, such as massage or any healing career. When you can send this healing energy, clients will feel greatly blessed, and you will feel inspired and blessed in your vocation.

Upcoming Retreats on Healing


“Mary’s healing touch and energy work on me while she was in LA was really remarkable. It was beyond many reiki session I have had before. Pains and things I had built up in my heart started coming up – I could feel the energy rising from deep within my heart, up through my throat, and much was coming out in tears. She kept working on the energy and saying healing prayers and it really felt incredible to have these issues, which were nameless and unknown to me, to come up and out. Pains I didn’t even know I had. Thank you so much Mary, you have a gentle and beautiful touch and can do great healing for people.” ~ P., Los Angeles

Mary in robes of Light

“Mary is an incredible channel for Spirit. I hold a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and have experienced many, many healers and healing techniques and I have never encountered a healer as powerful and gifted as Mary. She healed me of deep pain I had been carrying for 15 years around my grandmother’s death. I had gone to psychics, therapists and others all to no avail. In a single 1 ½ session with Mary, the deep pain and sadness completely lifted and were replaced by peace, joy and love for my grandmother. I am grateful beyond words.” – Julia Padawer, Santa Monica, CA