A big arched wooden door opening into a field of tulips and blue sky, a golden key floats in the airThe Universal mind is perfect, it knows no lack. To reach that never-failing supply, you must create a consciousness of abundance — even if you do not know where your next dollar will come from.

When you refuse to be apprehensive, and do your part and rely on God to do His, you will find that mysterious forces will come to your aid, and your constructive wishes will materialize.

—Paramhansa Yogananda, How to Be a Success

Prosperity should be sought on all levels. An abundance of joy, love and peace are the hallmarks of a truly prosperous person.

Material abundance, by itself, is not necessarily a mark of a prosperous person. But one who can manifest what is needed, as it is needed, who knows and freely works the laws of abundance, is truly prosperous.

At the heart of creating prosperity is a strong flow of energy, positive thinking, and determination — whether your goal is deepening your experience of God or achieving material success for you and your family — both are achieved the same way.

Wealth, if it should come to you, should be treated as a sacred trust. It is not yours even if you’ve worked hard to earn it. Karma (it will be good karma only if you use it rightly) has put you in this position so that you may help others. Use it toward making this a better world to live in. Otherwise, wealth can suffocate one’s finer feelings. Try occasionally to live in voluntary poverty.

—Swami Kriyananda, Living Wisely, Living Well!

Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles Course
Little-Known Secrets of Wealth and Prosperity

By Swami Kriyananda

In this online course available through Online with Ananda, Swami Kriyananda explains that the laws governing spiritual success and material success are the same. He has articulated the attitudes and practices that have made his own life successful.

Using his life as an example, Swami Kriyananda shares his secrets of how to achieve lasting outer success and inner happiness.

Money Magnetism
How to Attract What You Need When You Need It
By Swami Kriyananda

According to Swami Kriyananda, anyone can attract wealth — “there need be no limits to the flow of your abundance.” Through numerous stories and examples from his own life and others’, Kriyananda vividly — sometimes humorously — shows you how and why the principles of money magnetism work, and how you can immediately start applying them in your own life.


“Think of Divine Abundance as a mighty refreshing rain. Whatever receptacle you have at hand will receive it. If you hold up a tin cup, you will receive only that quantity. If you hold up a barrel, that will be filled.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda, Inner Culture, 1940

Tithing is a spiritual practice — just like prayer or meditation. It is the regular act of giving the “first fruits” of your labors to God. Tithing is an act of faith based on the divine principle that everything we have comes from God’s hands.

If you want to invite God more fully into your life through tithing, agree in your heart on a percentage of your income that you will give to Him regularly.

Give God the responsibility of taking care of you. If you continue this practice, you will ultimately be free of the fear of not having enough money because you will KNOW from your own personal experiences that God will fulfill your needs.