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A Sense of Humor ~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 3

Asha Nayaswami
March 26, 2021

"A tiny bubble of laughter, I am become the sea of mirth itself!" So ends Yogananda's transcendant poem, Samadhi. Laughter itself helps us to live in the present moment, for when we laugh, we are neither in the past nor future, but completely enjoying the now. True humor is kindly, and never cutting. Swami Kriyananda even said once that, to a certain extent, good kindly humor is a spiritual quality, becuase it helps us to step just slightly outside of this material reality in a way that brings us joy. So important is laughter, joy, and humor, that Yogananda even recommended that everyone read one funny story a day! Spirituality is practical on the deepest level, for it is our very nature to seek joy.