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Ancient Key to Prosperity: Tithing – Money Magnetism #12

Asha Nayaswami
February 21, 2021

Tithing is an ancient practice, the word originating from the teachings of Moses, when he instructed that 1/10th of everything one cultivated was to be given back to God. Far from a convenient organizational dogma, tithing helps us to recognize the true source of all prosperity in the Divine. By giving back to that source, whatever outer form that may take, helps to impress the proper relationship to the flow of prosperity. As God has no use for physical money, nor a bank account we can transfer it to, one should make a tithe to the source of your spiritual inspiration in life, be it an organization, an individual, or some other entity. Tithing helps us begin to see ourselves as a part of a much greater whole, which develops deep and powerful magnetism for success.