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Astrology (Ask Me About Truth #51 With Swami Kriyananda)

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 51
Swami Kriyananda
August 15, 2014

The Universe Is God's Consciousness

Swami Kriyananda succinctly sheds light on a subject that has intrigued mankind for eons, namely astrology. He explains that the entire universe is God's consciousness, which is governed by laws. Everything is conscious and connected.

Since everything is tied together, there are influences, and some of these come to us from stars. It doesn't infer, however, that we need to be slavishly a prey to them, though, since the wise tell us there is truth to it, it behooves us to listen to them.

An easy horoscope is not a challenging one and doesn't make you strong. Swami Kriyananda has authored a book called Your Sun Sign Is a Spiritual Guide.

There is an inner astrology and an outer astrology. Higher influences from God inspire us to become strong, pliable, and kindly.

Free Will to Choose God or Turn Away

Kriyananda states that we don't have free will. The only free will we have is the decision to either go towards God or turn away from Him. Yoga as a science can help to evolve us but cannot change us in itself. Through our efforts, it helps for God's grace to come in. We are a battleground and we have to strive to side with higher forces instead of the lower. So astrology is a helpful science as long we don't take it passively.

The chakras correspond with the planets. But this study should not be undertaken by everybody. It can make people judgmental and therefore it's easy to misunderstand the science.

Western and Indian Astrology Have Different Strengths

Western astrology is better for understanding character, whilst Indian astrology is better for life predictions. It's helpful as a tool for self-study.

The astrological bangle advised by Sri Yukteswar is recommended also by Kriyananda, who has been wearing it for decades. He feels a certain power of protection from it.

A True Teacher Helps Us toward Perfection

In summary, the universe is our body, with center everywhere and circumference nowhere. In order for us to get to the center of, say, a vast field of ice, we need to go through at one point, which in this case is our ego. It's not easy, which is why it takes several lifetimes.

On this journey it's only a true teacher who can help us. A false one may end up getting us stuck deeper in delusion. It takes time to find perfection, the ultimate goal.

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