What is the purpose of life? What is God? How can we know truth?

Swami Kriyananda answers these questions and many others about the spiritual path, as he learned it from the great teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda. This series is a perfect introduction to yogic philosophy to beginners, and will be interesting to all truthseekers.

One of many enthusiastic comments: “Watching these talks is like taking a dip in sacred waters. You feel light, hopeful and so uplifted. Thank you so much Swamiji. Thanks to Nirmala and Dharmadas, too, for making these videos seem so effortless and beautiful. It’s a delight to watch friends interview friend. May God and Guru bless you always.”

(This series was recorded in 2012, one year before Swami Kriyananda’s passing. The date of each video refers to the day it was posted, not the day Swami Kriyananda gave the interview.)

The Relativity of Morals

Episode 2
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Moral value is not relative, Swami Kriyananda explains, and uses examples to illustrate why this is so: because our moral choices effect who we are and who we become. He also explores situations when moral choices may not be so straightforward. Questions include: Throughout the 20h century, truth was considered to be relative. My truth is different from your truth. … Read More

What Can We Do In These Troubling Economic Times?

Episode 3
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“What can we do in these troubling economic times?” A good first step is not to rely on government or big business. Swami Kriyananda shares advice on finding work, creating work, attracting money, starting communities, and not only surviving but thriving in a challenging economy. Questions include: So many people are struggling in this world, especially with the current economic … Read More

How to Prepare for Hard Times

Episode 4
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Attitudes that bring success, and how to face hard times — Swami Kriyananda shares practical tips for the material and spiritual aspects of our lives. Questions include: So much has changed in 100 years. We have electricity, we have computers, we have Internet and cell phones, so many things. And yet the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier. … Read More

The Importance of a True Guru

Episode 5
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As a young man, Swami Kriyananda wanted to create communities, and was desperate to find truth. That search brought him to a guru, but what is a guru? What does that mean? What is a disciple, really? Questions include: In another interview you spoke of creating communities. What lead you to the creation of these communities? You spoke a of … Read More


Episode 6
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Questions of whether or not we have free will and whether our lives are pre-destined have for centuries kept philosophers awake at  night. What is the truth? Swami Kriyananda shares it as it was presented by his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. Questions include: A lot of people wonder what their purpose in life is. How does one discover his destiny? You … Read More


Episode 7
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“Many religious traditions emphasize surrender, which seems rather passive. Is that true?” From the concept of passive vs. active surrender, the discussion ranges to willpower, free will, if we can see our own spiritual progress, and the effect that being a vegetarian has on our consciousness. What is the limit of acceptance? There must be situations where acceptance isn’t appropriate — … Read More

The Importance of Education

Episode 8
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Swami Kriyananda wrote a book called Education for Life (available online for free and for purchase) and talks about Yogananda’s interest in education, and how the non-sectarian principles he taught have been implemented at Ananda Village. He talks about the different stages of development that children go through and offers thoughts for how to bring the best and the highest … Read More

The Importance of Uplifting Music and Arts

Episode 9
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The music we listen to affects our consciousness very directly. Music, indeed, is an expression of consciousness. Swami Kriyananda offers thoughts on the ramifications of this truth. You mentioned in a recet program the detrimental effect of rock music. Could you elaborate on that? What would be good music to listen to? What about Mozart? If you had to pick … Read More

Crop Circles

Episode 10
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Yantras, a type of spiritual design, could be what crop circles are — this is the thought with which Swami Kriyananda starts a fascinating discussion  of life on other planets, reincarnation, and where we go after we die. How do you think crop circles are created? That response pre-supposed life on other planets, then? (Implied) When the population on Earth … Read More

Everything Is Consciousness

Episode 12
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Swami Kriyananda talks about reality as we perceive it, and how real it really is (and isn’t!), and about dreams. Should we look to our dreams for guidance? He also talks about the best way to pray to God, for ourselves or others, and tells us what he himself does in situations of extreme pain or personal trial. The Indian … Read More