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The Importance of a True Guru

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 5
Swami Kriyananda
June 8, 2012
As a young man, Swami Kriyananda wanted to create communities, and was desperate to find truth. That search brought him to a guru, but what is a guru? What does that mean? What is a disciple, really?
Questions include:
  • In another interview you spoke of creating communities. What lead you to the creation of these communities?
  • You spoke a of discipleship, and I think for many people that concept is a foreign one, or at least an unfamiliar one.
  • Some people think that discipleship implies a certain mindlessness. Is that true?
  • When we read of gurus who seem to flaunt tradition or who seem crazy, of which there have been many in the 20th century, are they not true gurus?
  • It seems quite a privilege and blessing to have a guru — how do you go a out finding a guru?
  • What can we do to prepare ourselves?

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