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Emotion and Feeling

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 13
Swami Kriyananda
September 29, 2012

Emotions are disturbed feelings. "Positive and negative emotions alternate constantly; we have to go beyond emotions", says Swami Kriyananda. To go beyond emotions, concentrate the feeling in the heart, then direct it to the brain. Give up your suffering to God and you will find you can endure anything.

Questions include:

  • How do we transform emotions?
  • When does feeling become an emotion?
  • Is the breath the key to working with emotions?
  • Does our spirit still breathe after we die?
  • Is it possible to overcome an emotional state by consciously slowing the breath?
  • Can you describe the superconscious state?
  • What makes our feeling go outward and become emotion?
  • Is it possible to feel joy while you are suffering?

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