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Group Karma

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 20
Swami Kriyananda
February 18, 2013
You can't change karma that was created in the past, but you can change how that karma affects you.
  • You were discussing karma earlier; could you explain family karma, group karma?
  • Is there any way to alleviate group karma?
  • How could Germany offset their karma from World War II?
  • In turbulent times of atomic warfare, the only truly reliable bomb shelter is within?
  • On a smaller scale, when we're trying to go in a direction that's different from our family karma, for example, how can we make our own way?
  • Do animals have karma?
  • Freedom from karma means what? What would it mean in the case of a master like Yogananda?
  • Can a non-enlightened person take on the karma of others?
  • Are karma and magnetism related?

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