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Dealing with Loneliness

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 15
Swami Kriyananda
January 9, 2013

To conquer any negative emotion, we must have energy. Meditation techniques can be very helpful as well, and Swami Kriyananda discusses how to meditate as well as the use of mantras.

Questions include:

  • You mentioned a way of dealing with loneliness which was to go out and be really alone — to confront your loneliness with energy. Could you talk more about that?
  • Could you share a mantra or meditation technique that would help one to become calm?
  • Are there mantras in any Western tradition that you know of?
  • When we say that we are not a sinner, it doesn't mean that we haven't sinned, it just means...?
  • What could a person do about other negative emotions, like anger?