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Karma and the Astral World

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 18
Swami Kriyananda
February 18, 2013

Whatever energy you give out has to come back — that is one way to explain the law of karma. In this question and answer session, also discussed is how to neutralize and overcome karma.

Questions include:

  • Can you explain to us the law of karma and how it works?
  • Will someone who is striving for success automatically experience failure as often as he experiences success?
  • Why would some yogis suggest not to enjoy anything?
  • How do we overcome the emotionally reactive process in ourselves?
  • A master who reaches a breathless state — he's not holding his breath, is he?
  • Releasing attachment releases pain associated with that attachment?
  • What is the astral body?
  • Does the astral body have a shape or form?
  • Is the astral body the same as the aura?
  • Can an aura be expanded?

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