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Crop Circles

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 10
Swami Kriyananda
July 26, 2012

Yantras, a type of spiritual design, could be what crop circles are — this is the thought with which Swami Kriyananda starts a fascinating discussion  of life on other planets, reincarnation, and where we go after we die.

  • How do you think crop circles are created?
  • That response pre-supposed life on other planets, then?
  • (Implied) When the population on Earth increases, where do those souls come from? They couldn't all be reincarnating.
  • Do you think that reincarnation could be that people are reincarnating on different planets, and come to a specific planet when they need to learn certain lessons?
  • How do we understand the qualities of tamas, rajas, and sattwa (as described in the Indian scriptures) in our own lives?
  • God didn't make it easy for us, did he?
  • If reincarnation is true, why don't we remember our past lives?
  • Is that where the Greek myth of the river Lethe comes from, where you go across the river and forget who you were?
  • So the purpose of reincarnation is to learn, like a school?
  • If children remember their past lives, does that mean they are more spiritual?
  • If someone is reborn that quickly, is that a choice of their soul, or ego, or… ?
  • What happens to people between lives?

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