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What Can We Do In These Troubling Economic Times?

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 3
Swami Kriyananda
May 10, 2012
“What can we do in these troubling economic times?” A good first step is not to rely on government or big business.
Swami Kriyananda shares advice on finding work, creating work, attracting money, starting communities, and not only surviving but thriving in a challenging economy.
Questions include:
  • So many people are struggling in this world, especially with the current economic climate. Do you have suggestions for how people can be successful even in today's situation?
  • Could you talk about how people could start communities?
  • To succeed, does a community have to be a /spiritual/ community?
  • How do you differentiate between "religious" and "spiritual"?
  • Do you see America as a spiritual country?
  • For a person who is in the city and has lost his job and is struggling, and who doesn't feel the need to start or join communities, what would be your advice?
  • Are there principles you could offer to help people attract money?

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