Emotion and Feeling

Episode 13
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Emotions are disturbed feelings. “Positive and negative emotions alternate constantly; we have to go beyond emotions”, says Swami Kriyananda. To go beyond emotions, concentrate the feeling in the heart, then direct it to the brain. Give up your suffering to God and you will find you can endure anything. Questions include: How do we transform emotions? When does feeling become … Read More

Dealing with Emotions

Episode 14
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Love everyone equally and see God in everyone, and no one will be able to hurt you. Love people for themselves and not what you can get out of them. Learn to be content in yourself by feeling the presence of God in your own being. Questions include: Isn’t getting rid of negative and positive emotions the same as apathy? … Read More

Dealing with Loneliness

Episode 15
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How does one overcome loneliness? Any negative emotion cannot be overcome by passivity. Putting out energy is vital, even if it is to begin making friends with yourself. To achieve a calm mind and calmness within oneself, the first thing needed is to get rid of distractions. Making a habit of television is a terrible thing. A meditation technique to … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda’s Mission

Episode 16
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“If you could point to a single greatest accomplishment in your life, what would that be?” Swami Kriyananda talks about Yogananda’s mission, his own role in helping to fulfill that mission, and shares advice for how to face any obstacle in life and still come out on top. Questions include: Can you describe Yogananda’s mission? Do you see yourself as … Read More

The Law of Magnetism

Episode 17
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The world is consciousness, and responds consciously to our intentions and energy. The law of magnetism operates automatically and can also be controlled at will. Questions include: Could you describe the law of magnetic attraction? What you’re describing sounds like it could be dangerous. It sounds like the law operates automatically, but it is possible to operate it consciously? Can … Read More

Karma and the Astral World

Episode 18
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Whatever energy you give out has to come back — that is one way to explain the law of karma. In this question and answer session, also discussed is how to neutralize and overcome karma. Questions include: Can you explain to us the law of karma and how it works? Will someone who is striving for success automatically experience failure … Read More

Is Karma a Burden?

Episode 19
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How should we see karma? And can we do anything to change it? Questions include: Some people will speak of karma as a burden, and will say, “It’s my destiny, I can’t avoid it.” A fatalistic approach. Is that correct? What is dharma? What does the word “freedom” mean to you? How do we get our energy to flow upward? … Read More

Group Karma

Episode 20
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You can’t change karma that was created in the past, but you can change how that karma affects you. You were discussing karma earlier; could you explain family karma, group karma? Is there any way to alleviate group karma? How could Germany offset their karma from World War II? In turbulent times of atomic warfare, the only truly reliable bomb … Read More

Religion vs. Spirituality

Episode 21
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Religion is the form — of rituals and beliefs — and spirituality is your relationship with God. How would you differentiate between religion and spirituality? Does God have a particular form? How did reading Autobiography of a Yogi change your life? What does intuition mean to you? How can we develop intuition?

How to Develop Intuition

Episode 22
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We can all develop intuitive and psychic abilities. We cultivate them by deliberately focusing, by increasing our attention, and by sensitivity to the words and feelings of others. Superconsciousness is the intuitive part of our awareness. Everything is consciousness. The ability to know both what can come and what the right choices are in life is possible. The body is both … Read More


Episode 23
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Integrity is “supremely important,” says Swami Kriyananda. It means to be true to yourself, and to be true in your statements, but in a helpful way. “Truth is always beneficial.” Questions include: What is integrity, and how important is it? What if you are supposed to give something to someone, but your suppliers let you down? Is there a power … Read More

Overcoming Fear and Cooperative Communities

Episode 24
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One way to overcome fear is to imagine the worst possible happening to you, and then accept it. But what if it looks like the worst possible thing is going to happen? Cooperative communities are a great help in that way, and even more so in a spiritual way. Questions include: How can one overcome fear? Swamiji, suppose that some … Read More