What Awaits Us in the Paradise of God’s Kingdom

Sometimes the beauty of the world holds us captive. While it is wonderful to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of this creation, Nayaswami Devi, invites us to always the remember the greater beauty that awaits us in our true home in God. Let the beauty remind the creator behind the creation. Looking at the beauty as a remembrance towards that … Read More

Autobiography of a Yogi – How the Book Changed My Life

When she first saw Yogananda’s picture on AOY cover, Nayaswami Devi was just 4 years old, but it made a lasting impression on her. Years later after finishing her college Deviji finally read Autobiography of a Yogi. Nayaswami Devi shares that AOY is a living reality for her. It has been a guiding light for whenever she is faced with … Read More

Remain Open to the Experiences That Come

When God created each of us, He also set into play a unique plan for how we would return to Him. This plan is already underway for every one of us, and will be fulfilled when the time is right. All that is needed in the meantime is our trust in Him.

Four Ways to Enjoy Your Meditation

A deep meditation is what all meditators aspire for but often we get stuck in our meditation practice and feel that we not moving forward. In this video Nayaswami Devi shares four simple ways that can help us to deepen our concentration and make our meditation practice more enjoyable.

Dream Your Future – Take Charge of Your Own Future

In this video, Nayaswami Devi shares how we often let our current situation define our future, which isn’t always the right approach. Especially on the spiritual path time and again we undermine our potential, thinking we are not spiritual enough. We shouldn’t let the present limit us; rather we should allow our vision of the future, guide us.