Does God Suffer?

Watch the full video here: Highlight from Sunday Service — Deeds vs. Intentions

What Is the Best Way to Pray?

Praying to God helps us open up to Him, and if we aren’t open to His influence, we are trying to do everything ourselves. Jaya shares stories of experiences with prayer, and the differences it has made in his life and those of others. This includes a wonderful story from the documentary about Paramhansa Yogananda, Awake.

What Can I Do?

Watch the full video: Highlight from Sunday Service — “What Is the Best Way to Pray?”

Choosing Light

Watch the full video Highlight from Sunday service “How Devotees Rise” Despite her circumstances and cultural upbringing, Maria chose to rise by letting go of defined and justified learned behavior.

How Devotees Rise

Regardless of our upbringing, culture or life circumstances, we always have the choice to rise, to become light. Jaya shares that although our essential nature remains the same, when we choose to rise something deep inside of us changes.

The Monk and the Traffic Ticket

Watch the full video Highlight from Sunday service “The Best Way to Worship” Jaya shares a funny story about a monk and his answer to a question from a traffic officer.

The Best Way to Worship

What is the best way to worship God? “With all thy heart, mind, soul, and strength,” as Jesus said. Nayaswami Jaya shares stories from India, both instructive and entertaining, that shed light on how to worship God in the most effective way.