Everything Is Ram

Watch the full video http://youtu.be/L0PjRWa3Hik Highlight from Sunday service “The Inner Kingdom” Mantradevi shares a fun story about Swami Ram Das and his desire to receive with an open heart all that God is offering, no matter what form it takes!

The Divine Ascension

We have two levels of our being: our little self, or ego, and our big Self, which is cosmic, and one with all that is. Our goal on the spiritual path is to transition our awareness to that broader level. A very good way we can do this is to love all with God’s love.

Living in the Presence of God

The goal of the spiritual path could be said to be to overcome the ego, and Mantradevi offer tips, tricks, and strategies for expanding our awareness.    She also tells a story from her and Krishnadas’s recent visit to Thailand, and from a movie called “Lost Horizons” that provided Swami Kriyananda with much inspiration for Ananda.