Talks with Ananda Pioneers: Nayaswami Nischala

Nayaswami Nischala shares with Dambara on June 17th, 2022. Enjoy these beautiful interviews by Dambara, who talks with the founders of Ananda Village, a spiritual community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. Ananda has grown now to many communities and centers around the world, and inspires thousands of people every day in their spiritual life. The … Read More

Four Stages of Yoga: An Author Interview with Nischala Cryer

The Four Stages of Yoga (an Amazon bestseller!) is an anthology of stories and conversations that encompass the journey yogis take from birth to the last moments of life. Though yoga philosophy has been around far longer than most realize, the deeper nuances of its effects on our own lives is revealed in this modern day expose. Here, we see … Read More