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Be Equally Loving to All~ Live Like Yogananda, Class 16

Asha Nayaswami
April 27, 2021

Yogananda gave his interested and participatory love to everyone equally. The love of the Masters is not aloof or distant, but is as involved in our lives as we allow them to be. Yogananda often took special care to attend to the specific needs of his disciples, and even perfect strangers (though could anyone be called a stranger to the Master?). Swami Kriyananda, too, examplified this equality of love. Often, when traveling in foreign lands, Swami would befriend local shop owners and taxi drives - anyone who showed a glimmer of receptivity - solely to offer his divine friendship and love. These examples are not reserved only for great saints and the Masters, but show each of us the way to live, that we might be drawn ever closer to the one universal love of God.