How to Become a Master in This Life

Hong-Sau in the spine • How to become a master in this life • Yogananda’s thoughts on hypnotism • Two kinds of poverty • Churches and good works • The essence of spiritual teaching (Conversations with Yogananda: 377-381)

Yogananda’s Interpretations of the Rubaiyat

Yukteswar’s training: deep scriptural study • Yogananda’s interpretations of The Rubaiyat • How people come to the spiritual path • Yogananda as “just a bulge in the ocean” • The importance of taking care of the body when younger • “Fools argue, but wise men discuss” (Conversations with Yogananda: 358-363)

What is Raja Yoga?

Which branch of Yoga did Yogananda teach? • What is Raja Yoga? • If you love yourself, how can you love God? • Offer the good and bad you do to God • How to break the barrier of egoic self-identity • God as the doer • What does it mean to “be practical in your idealism”? (Conversations with Yogananda: … Read More