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Class 13: Palm Sunday - Life & Teachings of Jesus

Asha Nayaswami
December 5, 2022

Walk with Jesus and Asha through the gates of Jerusalem as the crowd cheers the triumphal entrance of Jesus as the Messiah. Feel the intensity of this moment, built over many encounters with the church hierarchy and the surrounding population, culminating in Jesus himself saying "If I were to silence them now, the very stones themselves would cry out." Jesus seemingly confronts worldly power, once again throwing out the moneychangers and engages in open debate with the church leaders of the time - yet he brilliantly avoids provoking them to violence, instead winning the crowds with the depth of his wisdom and understanding.

Frustrated at the stalemate in the outer power struggle, we see why Judas decides to push his Master's hand, succumbing to a fatal delusion in thinking that he knows more than Jesus. In this class we see that Jesus offered the people of Jerusalem the opportunity for bliss and when they turned it down by hardening their hearts, suffering would have to ensue.