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Demand for the Rising of the Aurora of Intuition

Ananda Sangha Worldwide
February 18, 2017

Infinite Spirit, Thy presence is hidden equally behind the warm rays of the sun and the cool light of the moon. Those lights, though welcome and wonderful, reveal only Mother Nature’s splendor in matter: They reveal not Thee. To me, they are therefore darkness. Thy all-revealing, majestic and supreme light shines not on, but from within, the center of everything, therefore creating no shadows. Shadows in this world reduce light itself to non-light.

In theory I have known this. Now, Lord, take all darkness away from me! Wherever I sit with eyes shut, enclosed in my own darkness, cause to blaze upon me in glory the aurora of intuition, that suffused in its light I may gaze raptly on Thee with worshipping eyes.