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Energy: Faith & Energy Go Hand-in-Hand, Ep 15 ~ A Roadmap to Right Living

Asha Nayaswami
May 9, 2022


Energy is ours not when we hoard our strength, but when we devote it willingly, joyously toward the attainment of that in which we deeply believe.

Faith and energy go hand in hand. If you have deep faith in what you are doing, you can move mountains. Energy is always highest when one’s cause is just. The greater one’s faith, the greater his will power. And the greater his will power, the greater his flow of energy.


Within me lies the energy to accomplish all that I will to do. Behind my every act is God’s infinite power.


O Cosmic Energy, vitalize all the cells of my body; recharge my mind with boundless inspiration; fill my soul with Thy inexhaustible joy.