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How to Pray Effectively

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 99
Swami Kriyananda
June 7, 2016

Swas I Kriyananda shares thoughts on the best ways to pray for others — and whether one tshould go to "heroic measures" to save someone's life.

Questions include:

  • When someone that we know is in need of healing, or in some other urgent situation, what is the best way to pray for them?
  • Modern medicine has no made it possible for people to get stuck in a kind of limbo place — they aren't able to experience things consciously but are stuck in their body. Is it still helpful for people to hang on to life in a situation like that?
  • Is suicide ever appropriate or helpful?
  • What about assisted suicide (euthanasia), if someone is just hooked up to machines... ?
  • When praying for someone, is it helpful to visualize a particular result for that person?
  • Are prayers for others effective?
  • How can we learn how to concentrate better?
  • Some people find their meditations deeper in a group — how can they bring that depth into their own private meditations?

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