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Listen to God's Song of Love

Nayaswami Ananta
January 23, 2022

Nayaswami Ananta shares this beautiful inspiration during his Sunday service talk at Ananda Village, January 23rd 2022. You can find the complete talk here.


We have to focus on that light shining through the duality, the delusion. We have to concentrate on the love of Christ Consciousness—on the love of God—that's shining through all human love; all animal love; all plant love; all molecular love; all levels of attraction, which are rooted in the God's love for the soul, because God has divided Herself/Himself into the 7.2 billion people and all the animals in this duality. But in reality, the love is shining, and we are part of that love, and we have that love within us. We have joy within us.

So one thing that you may find helpful is to, as you go through your day—your situation—is: try to recognize divine love wherever you see it. When you see mothers with their children; when you see children with their parents; when you see married couples; when you see friends: when you see any expressions of love, realize that that is Divine love.

And okay, it's turned down a little. I mean, it comes down to a popsicle or a, you know, a candy bar or something or, you know, a little kid crying because he didn't get this or that, okay. It's turned down a little from divine love, but recognize that it originates in divine love.

When you see beauty in any form, recognize it comes from God. Move towards reflecting and expressing the divine love that you feel from the Masters, from your friends. Move towards harmony and beauty in every aspect of your life. Look forward to the reality of the light shining more brightly. But in the moment that you're in—in the situation you're in this afternoon, and playing golf, or making lunch for your friends, or whatever you're doing, or taking care of your dying friend.

You know, sometimes parts of the movie aren't as pleasant as others. Okay, got that! But what did Christ do? What did Master do? What did Lahiri Mahasaya do? What do... does Babaji, do? You behave like that. Why? Because you are like that. You have the Christ consciousness, each one of us.

And if you... if there's a voice inside your head saying, "Oh, Ananta doesn't know what he's talking about," you're wrong. I do know what I'm talking about because Christ knows what he's talking about. And we need to live that way. We need to keep renewing our consciousness.

And that's why daily meditation is so important. If you don't go back into that light every day—twice a day, at least—you're going to be thrown off by the cacophonous delusion. This is serious, serious business. The voice of delusion is very, very loud. And we need to focus on the voice of divine love. We need to listen to that song of love. We need to practice Om; chant Om; sing songs of joy; and we need to live in that consciousness. And you will realize bit by bit that you are a part of all that is.

God bless you.