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The Adventure of the Spiritual Path

Nayaswami Parvati
February 27, 2022

Nayaswami Parvati shares this beautiful inspiration during her Sunday service talk at Ananda Village, February 27th, 2022. See the complete talk on the subject of "By Thinking Can We Arrive at Understanding?"


Nayaswami Parvati:

Once we enter onto the spiritual path and begin to have those profound experiences of support, of joy, of love, of being able to do things, build a temple that, you know, there was no way possible that, it…it's something…you can't go back to a world that doesn't support that.

But that's the stirring adventure that Jesus called us to, that Master called us to, and it's that spiritual life adventure that we're all on, you know? So even if there's a few dull moments in between, don't worry about it, it'll get exciting again! [laughter]

You know, it'll always be changing, it's always changing. If you're engaged in it, it's especially always changing. You know, I mean, how could it not? We're trying to grow spiritually and know that we love God. 

And that's the goal, you know. It's the greatest adventure ever.