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Living with Christ Consciousness

Nayaswami Ananta
April 10, 2022

Nayaswami Ananta shares this deep inspiration during his Sunday Service talk at Ananda Village, Palm Sunday 2022. You can find the complete talk here.


Calm, joy, in joy—in that mellow joy—in joy, ever-new joy. That's the Christ Consciousness. So how are we going to get there? How are we going to get there this week?

We find that Christ Consciousness by deep meditation. The Christ Consciousness is your soul's memory of how this movie really is. And how it really is, is the resurrected Christ—is the Christ throwing away the stone and waltzing out into that garden. And the angel telling Mary, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?" A riddle! That's what the angel gives Mary.

Because that's the reality—all the suffering, all the trials that you're going to go through: the body's breaking down; bankruptcy; this is going bad; whatever it is. From the Christ consciousness, it's a veil of light and shade. It's not more than that.

We have to find that place within ourselves that is Christ Consciousness. How do we find it? Hong Sau — "I am spirit." Relax the body; watch the breath: Hong Sau—"I am spirit." Practice the meditation that your guru gives you. If you're on this path, that's kriya, Aum, Energization. If you're on another path, practice that.

But get to that place within your own self where you are the king of the infinite. You are light. You are beauty. You are love. You're not anything else. Because the whole movie is just veils of light and shade: vapors of sorrow, salvation, lust, good, bad—vanished, gone.

Get to that place. That's where Christ was. And every master that has ever lived is there. We need to be there. And it's within your heart that songs of joy resound. So practice meditation; relax; practice more deeply.

Maybe you haven't been practicing well. Okay, well, it's Palm Sunday. Hosanna to the Son of David! Chant; meditate; find that place. And when you find it, when you feel it, you recognize where Christ is. The name of the Oratorio is, or was, "Christ Lives in the Holy Land, and Christ Lives in You." That's where we find Him.

Live with Him; get used to it; it becomes very natural. We need to practice that. And in every situation this week: Thursday, sure, you have the satsang with the disciples—good. But Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, too: at work, with your kids, see the Christ in them: the teenage Christ; the little kid Christ; the recalcitrant student Christ; the very negative boss Christ. That's okay. That's just where they're at. Father, forgive them: they know not what they do.

But pray for them. Pray for the soldiers. Pray for the invaders. Pray for the refugees. Pray for the people all around the world that have a veil. And know that the reason we have cataclysms and wars is to push people towards the light.

That's the reason that Master and Rajarsi sat on the beach at Encinitas while Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin carried on in Europe and Africa and all the places where evil has got a foothold. It's always trying. It's always just the way it is. But it isn't the reality. It's Christ on Palm Sunday. It's Christ on Easter Sunday. It's Christ on Thursday night. That's the reality. Go there, and stay there.

Bless you all.