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Yogananda: I Will Never Lose Sight of You Again

Brahmachari Sagar
April 3, 2022

During his Sunday Service talk at Ananda Village, April 3rd 2022, Brahmachari Sagar shares this inspiring story from Paramhansa Yogananda's life. You can find the complete talk here.

Do you want to learn how not to lose sight of God again? Watch this video to get an answer to this question.


Brahmachari Sagar:

How many of you have heard the story of Señor Cuaron in Mexico? The story goes: Swami tells the story that when Señor Cuaron came to Yogananda for the first time, Yogananda told him, "I lost sight of you for a few incarnations. But now that you are here, this time onwards, I'll never lose sight of you again." And Señor Cuaron would often remind Yogananda, "Sir, remember your promise," and Yogananda said, "Never again; I'll never lose sight of you again."

And I can't tell you how many times I would think, "What a sweet story; what a beautiful story," until one day, because one of the courses I have to teach is the discipleship course, I said to myself, "But the one thing everybody's always told me and I tell others now is, the guru never loses sight of the disciple. And here, Yogananda is happily saying, 'I lost sight of you for a few incarnations;' not just for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but for a few incarnations."

How many people here—let's do a show of hands—have heard it said, somebody has said to you that the guru never loses sight of the disciple? Am I the only one? Yeah, there we go. And many people online will probably say, "Yeah, that's what we heard.”

Doesn't it make sense that if there was a guideline book for the gurus, losing sight of your disciple for a few lifetimes would be on the list of prohibited conduct for any guru?

And of course, again, like I said, Yogananda made himself very human. And what he was actually telling the disciple was not that he was shirking responsibility, but he was saying, "In your previous lifetimes, you wanted to do your own thing. And I allowed you to, but now you have evolved, you're of your own accord to a point where you'll allow me to help you in each and every lifetime. You will be with me."

And so we have to do our part in tuning in to that light.