The Guru’s Ray, Flowing Through Disciples


Hello. I understand that disciplic lineage is important in finding a guru, a teacher. How do I go about doing this, or is this one of those when the student is ready, the teacher will appear situations? Thank you for your time.

—Kristy, Australia


Dear Kristy,

I think the right response is one of those BOTH-AND responses. Yes, when the disciple is ready, the “guru” (which includes the teachings, other disciples, the lineage, and the techniques) “appears,” but that won’t happen unless we put out some energy in that direction. Running around helter-skelter to chase after gurus is, of course, silly. But sincere searching for one’s path is serious and committed, if calm and sometimes even humorous!

Paramhansa Yogananda put it this way: at first, one is guided and inspired by books; then lesser teachers, and, in time, by the true (or sat) guru. The implication, and the reality that I have observed, is that most of us find our spiritual path in the context of other disciples, perhaps long before we meet the true guru in human form. I put it this way: “The question isn’t who is a true guru, but who is a true disciple!”

We must prove (mostly to ourselves!) that our search is pure and sincere before we can attract that soul who actually has the power to free us. The good news is that God, in the form of one’s true guru, need not be physically present. The guru can guide us through other disciples, through the teachings and techniques and in other ways by our inner attunement. There has to be, as our teacher explained it, one “touch” of the guru at some point in one or more of these ways. But it makes sense because so fulfilling that in some lifetime we will have the living presence and friendship of our guru to guide us to freedom.

One who rejects contact with other disciples in favor of the claim of having a direct connection is warned of pride. So, continue your search and be open to the help offered by those who represent the divine ray to which you are drawn. Step by step we are guided as we grow, spiritually.

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman