A Vision of Babaji


I am a spiritual seeker and i do not follow any particular guru.

Couple of days ago early in the morning i saw vision of Mahavatar Babaji. He looked radiant with golden hair, golden glowing face and background also glowing. He blessed me by raising one of his hands high and I felt a deep peace all around me also the name babaji kept on ringing in my mind and he was seen clearly in the third eye.

What was his message and why did he come to bless me was i hallucinating atleast i didnt feel like

—Priya, India


Dear Priya,

You are right, such experiences can be “hallucinating,” from the subconscious. But yours sounds and feels very much like a true experience. You are divinely blessed.

You should deeply cherish it in your heart and keep it alive, otherwise the experience will fade into a dim memory. Every day when you meditate, go back to that experience, and invoke Babaji’s presence. Establish a true inner contact with him. Call and visualize him strongly in the spiritual eye as you saw him, then try to feel his presence in your heart. Every day. Don’t talk with anyone about it, especially if people won’t understand. It is best to keep such experiences a secret in one’s heart (asking for clarity was good, but now silence is best).

What was Babaji’s message? I don’t know, but it might be that a big spiritual change is coming to you in this phase of your life.

You don’t follow a particular guru. It would be good for you to pray to Babaji to show you your guru. If I were you, I would for now decide to follow Babaji inwardly, offer yourself at his feet with all your heart. You can’t go wrong with that. If you feel the contact with him deepening over time (that would be a divine blessing), I would seek initiation into Kriya Yoga, taking Babaji as your supreme Guru.

You have good karma to have had this experience. He came to you because you deserve it. It can only mean your highest good, especially if you keep that blessing alive. In Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi there is a hint: “Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of Babaji, that devotee attracts an instant spiritual blessing.” Use that hint as often as you can.

If you can, since you live in India, go on pilgrimage to Badrinath, where Babaji resides (hidden) even today, and pray to him. I feel his blessings very powerfully there. And visit his cave near Dwarahat to meditate. If needed you may ask Ananda India (ananda@anandaindia.org) for travel info.

In divine friendship, Babaji bless you,