Gratitude Kirtan

Let us celebrate this time of Thanksgiving, by first offering our love and gratitude to the Giver of all gifts! “Make every day a day of Thanksgiving, and continuous contentment will sparkle in your body, mind, and soul. The All-Sufficient One does not need the benefit of our thankful hearts, but when we are grateful to the Fountain of all … Read More

Gratitude: Inspiration for the Week

Gratitude: Inspiration for the Week Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received. Only a thief takes without paying for what he gets. And one who accepts a kindness without returning gratitude, as though the kindness were his by right, demeans both the giver and himself. He demeans the giver, because by ingratitude he implies that the kindness … Read More

Signs of Spiritual Progress

Satsang with Nayaswami Jaya, Spiritual Co-director, Ananda Sangha India How much progress have we made thus far on the path to perfection? How far along have we come, and how much of the journey remains? By what milestones can we measure our progress?

PODCAST Season Finale: Episode 12: Kriya Yoga

As we close this season, we ask Narayani and Shurjo about the once-secret technique called Kriya Yoga, which Yogananda said is the Highway to God. What is Kriya Yoga? What is so special and powerful about it? Who is Mahavatar Babaji? Narayani and Shurjo shine a light on all these questions and more.

Calmness: Inspiration For the Week

Calmness: Inspiration for the Week Calmness is perfectly achieved when life’s little wave becomes absorbed into the cosmic sea, in divine ecstasy. In daily life, too, we can achieve calmness to a degree by keeping our awareness focused on the reality of the Spirit underlying all outward circumstances. Calmness comes with the determination to live ever happily in the present … Read More

Introspection: Inspiration for the Week

Introspection: Inspiration for the Week People commonly delude themselves with easy rationalizations. “Maybe I wasn’t as kind as I might have been,” they’ll say, “but wouldn’t you have been unkind, too, if he’d treated you that way? It wasn’t my fault. The fault was his.” Thus, the blame for every wrong is placed at one’s neighbor’s door. Introspection means to … Read More

Podcast: Bonus Episode! Personal Stories

After weeks of intense subjects, we are gonna chill out a little! We listened to our listeners who wanted to know fun stories about Narayani and Shurjo. So we are closing the season with this bonus episode. Narayani and Shurjo tell us about their own start on their spiritual journey. They also share their family’s reactions, their trials, their triumphs, … Read More

Truthfulness: Inspiration for the Week

Truthfulness is not caustic statements of unpleasant facts and unflattering opinions. Such statements are usually born of pride. But truthfulness is the effort always to see the divine truth behind appearances. It is the effort to express always that aspect of truth which may prove the most beneficial. Truthfulness, as applied to ourselves, means not to hide behind self-flattering justifications: … Read More