Willingness: The Key to Intuition ~ How to Work with People, Ep. 38

When working intuitively, it is essential to remain open to new ways and ideas. Everything is always changing, and we therefore need to be adaptable. To be willing is to not cling to old form or the tremendous force of the way things are “supposed to be.” Keeping an openness and willingness to see new possibilities extends beyond the rational … Read More

Greet the Day with Joy – Hello There, Brother Bluebell, Ep. 19

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda) Hello there, Brother Bluebell, Play me a tune today! The breezes on the meadow Have made you look so gay! The meadowlarks are singing: Joy’s in the air. Come set your bells a-ringing! You’ve gladness to share! Hello there, Sister Dewdrop, Linger a little while! Your colors in the sunlight Would make a monarch smile. What … Read More

The Height of Aspiration – This Is My Son, Ep. 18

Lyrics “This is My son, in whom I am well pleased. Naught of himself remains, Naught but the true light! Heed well his words. The way he shows is My way. All who would find the truth: walk where he leads.” (by Swami Kriyananda, from the “Christ Lives Oratorio”) Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances) “And Jesus … Read More

How to Love God More – Cloisters, Ep. 17

Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances) “The cloister echoes still their fervent prayers. Monks pass here no longer, but my heart Joins them in memory. Softly it chants its loneliness for Thee.” Lyrics (composed by Swami Kriyananda) Long I’ve called You, my Lord, Long I’ve called You. Many years I have longed for Your sight; Bathed the … Read More