Mathematical Certainty

Every fulfillment, sooner or later, is cancelled out by a disappointment; every success is replaced by a failure; every joy must yield, in time, to sorrow; every “up” is balanced by a “down.” Isn’t it ironic that, after countless incarnations, we never win a single game? The sum total of all our striving always ends in that final cipher: ZERO!

How Important Are We?

Our lives, like puffs of wind on a handful of dust, soon become nothing. Don’t base your self-definition on what can never last. Base it on your eternal reality, in God.

The Illusion of Ego

The ego is like a sliver of glass in the sun: Any light it emits only reflects the sunlight of God’s presence behind it. The more one hides from that true light, the less one can know of happiness, and the more one must know of misery.

The Science of Faith

Asha explains the importance of self-effort and faith in understanding spirituality, drawing from teachings of Yogananda and Jesus. She explores how science affects religion, the role of energy vibrations, and the significance of aligning with higher realities for spiritual growth and joy.

Moral and Religious Rigidity

People who cling too rigidly to religious dogmas reveal a lack of confidence in their beliefs! They fear questioning lest their system of thought melt away like a snowman under a hot sun.