Concentration Techniques – A Course In Meditation Part 5

Swami Kriyananda talks about the ‘feel good’ quality of energy and consciousness as energy rises in the body, and of its heaviness as it descends and we experience depressed or sad feelings. Meditation develops concentration so that we can remove the veils of delusion and penetrate both inner and outer realities. Kriyananda shares some techniques and says that we can … Read More

A Course in Meditation – Part 3 – Right Attitudes for Meditation – Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda discusses the importance of right attitude in life and in meditation. In the Bible, Jesus instructs that we should smooth things out with our brother before we go to the temple. For the yogi especially, the temple is also the body. We need inner peace, calmness, and right attitude to meditate deeply. Kriyananda delves into Pantajali’s scripture on … Read More

A Course in Meditation with Swami Kriyananda – Part 2 — Beginning Your Meditation Practices

In this instructive video Swami Kriyananda demonstrates positions for meditation that include cross-legged postures (half-lotus, full lotus, “perfect pose” or Siddhasana) as well as postures for sitting in a chair or using a meditation bench. Kriyananda says we could think of the body as a bow where the front of the body is the wood of the bow and the … Read More

A Course in Meditation with Swami Kriyananda – Part 1 – What Is Meditation?

Swami Kriyananda shares many personal experiences here and presents both practical and theoretical components about meditation and the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Kriyananda explains that meditation is an intense state of awareness and a way for us to know our higher or spiritual nature. It is not an escape from reality but an escape into reality that can bring us … Read More