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Success: Success Means Transcendence, Ep 1 ~ A Roadmap to Right Living

Asha Nayaswami
May 3, 2022

In this series the spiritual qualities found in Swami's book "Affirmations for Self Healing" are discussed. The first quality is SUCCESS and it's true meaning of transcendence. Transcendence leads to true happiness, which can be found only by having inner peace, self knowledge, and the joy of God.


True success means transcendence. It means finding what we really want, which is not outward things, but inner peace of mind, self-understanding-and, above all, the joy of God.

Outward success means transcendence also. It means rising above past accomplishments to reach new levels of achievement. Success can mean accepting failure, too, when such acceptance helps us to transcend a false ambition. Every failure, moreover, can be a stepping stone to highest achievement.

Success should not be measured by the things accomplished, but by our increasing understanding, ability, and closeness to God.


I leave behind me both my failures and accomplishments. What I do today will create a new and better future, filled with inner joy.


O Creator of galaxies and countless, blazing stars, the power of the very universe is Thine! May I reflect that power in the little mirror of my life and consciousness.