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The One Percent Solution – Toward lasting changes

Nayaswami Jyotish
August 13, 2018

So often we think in our lives, that we are not good enough for the big expectations. Nayaswami Jyotish suggests an alternative, and invites us to look for incremental changes and achieving our goals quickly.

Embrace the "One Percent Solution" for transformative change. The British National Cycling Team's success inspires focus on improving every aspect of life by just one percent. Whether in meditation, diet, or daily habits, small incremental changes yield significant results. By applying this principle, goals are achieved faster and more efficiently, leading to profound personal growth and success.


Nayaswami Jyotish:


Today on Touch of Light I want to talk about the “One Percent Solution”. It seems a strange topic, but let me start with a story that I found fascinating.

The Power of Incremental Change

About 10 years ago, the British National Bicycling Team, the Cycling Team, got a new coach.

And they were a good team, but they weren't quite world class. They would place eighth, tenth, you know, well enough but not what they wanted to achieve.

And this coach said, “I'm going to apply the “One Percent Solution”. He said, “I want us to look at absolutely everything that affects our racing and see if we can improve that just one percent.

Can we improve the tires one percent? Can we improve the gears one percent? Can we improve our diet one percent?! What about sleeping the night before the race? Can we improve the pillows that we have so we get a better night’s sleep?”

And so they went through everything that affected their racing and they improved that one percent. Now at the beginning of this experiment he said, “I think that if we do this, within seven or eight years, we’ll have achieved our goal.” You know what happened? Within two years, they became world champions, just that improving of one percent.

Transforming Big Goals to Achievable Steps

So often we think in our lives, “Oh we’re not quite good at this, we need to help improve this aspect of our life,” and we have this huge goal, this big expectation. And the big expectation never gets done because we never get started.

So I would like to suggest that we take the “One Percent Solution”... just make little incremental changes. Those little changes will lead to greater changes.

So if you're meditating, for instance, look at the various aspects of your meditation: What's your posture like? Are you relaxing? Are you concentrating? What different techniques are you using? Don't try to make a huge leap…that's unrealistic…but just try to improve everything you're doing by one percent.

Embrace Progress

And I think that you will find, if you can improve everything…environment, attitude, practices, techniques…everything by one percent, that you achieve your goals much faster than you think you will.

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