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To Death I’m a Stranger

March 19, 2023

Beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, recorded at Ananda Village March 19th 2023.


To death I’m a stranger,

Poor youth that I am!

What destiny bears me

Hence to that shore?

The chalice of life,

Scarce sipped at the brim,

Has slipped from my grasp

And stains the dark floor.


Has life any meaning?

The grail that men seek

Has never been found

On earth.

The “fountain of youth”—

Ah, only a myth!

None who ever roamed

Far in search of it

Ever found what he sought.


Yet, see how the night sky,

Which banishes the sun,

Is banished in time by the dawn!

Death comes like a gypsy

Who camps on the way;

At dawn, his dark caravan’s gone.


To death I’m a stranger.

Yet, strangest of all,

The stranger I feared

Is a stranger no more!

The shadow I feared

But hides from the sun!

In death there is peace

On God’s infinite shore!