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What Defines Ananda? ("In Divine Friendship" Book Study, Class 32)

Asha Nayaswami
March 30, 2021

In this letter addressed to the Ananda community in the early 1980's, Swamiji confronts a common pitfall on the spiritual path; doing what one thinks they "ought to do" rather than what they feel inwardly inspired to do. Spirituality is not conforming to outward rules and dogmas. Swamiji shows us how attunement is not a rigid reality, but a flowing state of inner guidance, allowing us to feel how Yogananda would guide us in every unique moment of our lives. This letter takes place in a fascinating backdrop of Ananda's history, when Swami felt guided to become a householder, showing a new and important direction of development for the community, and how a householders life is no less in the eyes of God than that of a formal monastic.