What is man’s relation to the earth?


Each of us has a living relation to the earth. Our bodies may be compared to the earth itself. The rivers are the arteries, the stars are the eyes, and the vegetation is the hair. The same chemicals that make up the earth also make up our bodies. Both our bodies and the earth have more water than solids.

The earth also has the same pattern as the body. The north and south poles of the earth are comparable to the human spine. There are seven magnetic centers in the earth which correspond to the seven occult centers in the astral spine. The earth and the body are each holding together billions of cells.

As we progress spiritually, we become more conscious of the natural forces around us, and gradually begin to understand the wonders of creation. We now know that our bodies and nervous systems are subject to the powerful vibrations of the earth and stars, and that our collective thoughts and actions can change those vibrations.

As much as possible, we should live outdoors. We cannot live without air, light, or the vibrations of the earth. When we sit on the earth, we receive healing currents.

Too much sinfulness by the people living on the earth upsets the earth’s vibrations, causing earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and other disasters. Gradually, over time, these sinful vibrations are absorbed by the earth. When people live pure lives, the vibrations of the earth become harmonious.  Some places have such strong holy vibrations that they attract spiritual seekers.

One of the greatest of all sins is ignorance of what lies in our bodies. What wonderful beings we are! The Sustainer of this universe is knocking at the gate of all hearts, trying to enter through the portals of silence and make within us a garden of happiness, filled with the roses and blossoms of immortal qualities.

From Inner Culture, November 1939.