Do dreams mean anything?


Dreams have great significance. To the ignorant, all things are unintelligible. To the wise, everything has meaning. The phenomena of the world and mind both have significance.

In dreamland all barriers of conscious life are removed. That is because, being souls, we have been given the immortal power of God, and we exercise that power in dreams.

Dreams afford us the opportunity to create in the subconscious mind what we cannot create in the conscious mind. One lesson we receive from dreams is that the mind is all-powerful, and that this world is made of mind-stuff. Otherwise how could the mind make and produce in the dreamland everything that exists in this world?

There is nothing in the world that we cannot produce and experience in the dreamland, but when we wake up, all these experiences which seemed to be so real in the dream are found to be unreal.

Hints and Warnings

Another purpose of dreams is to give us hints or warnings. But we must first know how to distinguish between the different levels of mind that produce dreams in the dreamland.

The superconscious mind produces true dreams. Superconscious dreams tell us the truth about something that has happened or that will happen.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, usually produces false dreams. At best, the mixed-up dreams of the subconscious mind warn us against the uninspiring mental films produced on the screen of our mind by worry and fear.

From Inner Culture, July 1939.