How can I obtain permanent divine healing?


Perfect health is given by God but disease is man-made. God wants His children to enjoy health and happiness, but they create disease and sorrow by breaking His laws. God is harmony. When man, who is made in God’s image, leads a disharmonious life, he hurts himself. God does not punish man. Man punishes himself when he reaps the results of his wrong actions.

All diseases are the result of the conflict between a disharmonious outward life and God’s harmony within. Peaceful actions attune one to God’s peace as felt in the inner silence, and the result is happiness. Wrong actions collide with God’s peace and silence — and produce unhappiness and ill-health.

Certain diseases are the result of breaking hygienic laws and the consequent invasion of disease-causing bacteria. Other maladies are the result of disobeying the mental laws of being and the consequent attack of mental bacteria: fear, anger, worry, greed, temptation, and lack of self-control. But there are also diseases which arise from soul ignorance. In fact, soul ignorance is the cause of all physical, mental, and spiritual diseases. Abolish soul ignorance by contacting God and, forthwith, body, mind, and soul will be healed of all maladies.

No doubt some medicines have healing power, since God gave herbs and minerals the power to affect the body of man. But medicines have only limited power and often reveal their helplessness in cases of chronic disease.

To achieve permanent divine healing, the desire to be one with God must precede all other desires. God-contact is achieved through regular, intense, long-continued meditation. When praying, one must pray until an answer is received. Blind prayers and imaginary contact with God will not produce the desired healing. But just as light banishes darkness, so the light of God’s perfect presence experienced in the silence within will drive away the darkness of disease.

What is it that will destroy pain and ignorance forever, so that your body, mind, and soul will reflect the perfect image of Spirit? It is this: Convince your mind that all human methods of cure are limited in their healing power and that only God’s all-permeating healing power is unlimited.

Remember, a beggar gets only a beggar’s share, but a son receives a son’s share. Do not beg for health. Rather, reclaim your lost divine birthright of oneness with the Father through the ever-increasing, ever-new joy of God-contact in the inner silence.

As that happens, all things will be added unto you, including health, abundance, and wisdom. You will then perceive the body, mind, and soul as the perfect manifestation of God Himself. Only after such a deep inner realization can the body can be permanently healed.

From Inner Culture, October 1940.