What is the source of all knowledge?


Knowledge is vast, spiritual wisdom is vast, and although this world seems vast to us, it is only a speck in the universe. It is impossible in this life to acquire all the wisdom gathered by human beings over time in the school of life.

So long as you live on earth, so long as the power in your eyes gives you the strength to see the stars, so long as you enjoy God’s sunshine and breathe His air — so long will you yearn for knowledge. You must, therefore, appreciate the value of the time God has given you. Very few people try to find out what life can give them.


When you want to accomplish anything, do not depend only on outside sources of knowledge. Instead of depending too much on books and similar works for your progress, concentrate upon increasing the receptivity of your brain cells. All knowledge comes from an inner source, the soul, which is omniscient. Go deep and seek the Infinite Source. All inventions, methods of success, inspirational thoughts, and uplifting music are recorded in the “office-files of God.”

God has made us all in His image. You cannot have limitations if you probe deeply enough within yourself. With an awakened brain, myriad mentalities will also awaken within you, and you will understand all things. With billions of awakened and spiritualized brain cells, you will be able to study the vast book of nature and truth. Why be satisfied with half educating only a small portion of your brain cells?

Concentration and Condensation

By using the power of concentration to condense your experiences, you can quicken your evolution. Through concentration, you gather your attention, focus it, and bring it to a point. By condensation, you use your focused attention to do quickly what ordinarily would take a long time. If man can quicken his evolution in business, then he can also quicken his evolution in all branches of life, including his inner life.

One thing must be of paramount concern: you must find your right vocation. By contact with the cosmic vibration in meditation, you will be led to the right work for you. You must concentrate upon that work and become proficient in it. You cannot learn everything about all things, but you can learn everything about one thing.

First find out what you want to do. Then retire within yourself, meditate, and ask for divine aid in directing you to the right steps to fulfill your goal. Act according to the inner direction you receive. When your mind is calm, you will perceive everything quickly, smoothly, and beautifully. Success in all ways will come to pass in a short time.

Increase Your Intuition

Most people start with books and outside methods. You must start by increasing the receptivity of your intuition. In you lies the infinite seat of all knowledge. Calmness, concentration, and condensation of experiences by intuitional perception will enable you to master of that knowledge.

The sun shines equally on the charcoal and the diamond. It is the charcoal which is responsible for not reflecting the sunlight as brilliantly as the diamond. All congenital limitations are the result of man’s own transgression of divine law, sometime in the recent or distant past. Through right action now you can overcome all such limitations.

From Inner Culture, October 1940.