Why did God create us?


God answers every question of the heart. Truth is never afraid of questions, and God is truth, understanding, and wisdom.

As we proceed on the path of life, we wonder about the mystery of our existence. We are so free and yet so limited. Was our intelligence given to us so that we might torture ourselves with unanswered questions, or was this intelligence given that we might find answers to the questions about life, and why we were created?

Compare modern science with the little knowledge of twenty centuries ago. You will find that intelligence has been constantly victorious over the mysteries of nature. Twenty centuries ago the mysteries of atoms, electricity, airplanes, and radio were not known. This fact alone should encourage us to find the meaning of life.

Why did God create us? We did not create ourselves. We did not create our body with its sensations of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. God will answer all such questions if we listen carefully during deep meditation. God did not create us in order to torture us. Everything in life has a meaning. That meaning can be found only by seeking the Creator and learning from Him.

In the beginning, God was One, perfect and indivisible, joy itself. Then why did He create us? The answer is: He wanted to differentiate Himself into many.

When God created us, He created the law of relativity. He created the subject, the object, and the action. We become engrossed in these three things and forget the cosmic beam of vibration from which these three things are made.

Although life is nothing but a play of forces, it becomes terrible if we see it as real. God made us in His image, and expected us to realize that this life is not real. There is no disease, death, or sorrow – nothing but a dance of electric current. It is just as foolish to cry about life’s happenings as it is to cry about something sad you see in the movies.  When you realize that life is no more real than a motion picture, there is no sorrow. You must not take this life too seriously.

All “object” creation must go back to the “subject.”  Nothing exists other than different rates of vibrating thoughts. Everything is thought: the subject, the object, and the action are the same thing — the result of thoughts.

By understanding the relationship of the objective creation to the subjective creation, you can know God. You will gain this understanding if you sit and meditate deeply, using His scientific techniques. You may say it takes a long time to gain this understanding. What is a long time? You have to live anyway. Why not spend your time finding the way out of this earthly dilemma?

God expects us to behave like immortals. That is why He created us. Although we are His responsibility, He also made us partially responsible by giving us the freedom to forsake Him or accept Him, to follow the ways of wisdom or the ways of ignorance. Suffering is impossible when we follow the ways of wisdom. All great saints have demonstrated that in their lives.

Love encompasses the whole universe. That love is Spirit, or God, and we are made in His image. We are the cosmic sphere of love. As we feel that love vibrating in our body with its millions of cells, so also must we feel our love in every living atom, and in every living creature.

From Inner Culture, January 1941.